BackCare charity highlights the problems of sitting for long periods

During this year around 30 million people in the UK will experience back or neck pain. There are many causes of these debilitating conditions including sedentary lifestyles and spending hours working at a desk, often aggravated by poorly designed chairs.

Dr Brian Hammond, Chair of BackCare, said: “One solution for back and neck pain sufferers is to use chairs that provide support for the spine to minimise strain.  BackCare is keen to promote and endorse furniture companies that design and manufacture chairs that adapt to body movements and support various body shapes and sizes.

“The charity is delighted to endorse a number of chair manufacturers producing ergonomically designed chairs which help improve the seated posture. So much time is lost through people suffering back pain and products that help to decrease pain and improve quality of life are to be welcomed.”

Mike Brewster, Status Seating’s sales director, said: “People often suffer from back pain after sitting in offices for long periods on unsuitable chairs.  Our chairs are designed to optimise people’s postures and health and well-being.  BackCare’s endorsement is clear evidence of the importance of the design and manufacture of furniture that supports the spine”.

Status Seating will be exhibiting their chairs and other products at The Back Pain Show, organised on behalf of BackCare at St Andrews Stadium, Birmingham, on Friday & Saturday 19 & 20 May. Entry to the show is free by registering at where details of all exhibitors and the free-to-attend programme of speakers and presentations can be found.

BackCare is the leading UK charity for people and organisations affected by back pain, as well as professionals involved with treating back pain sufferers.  It aims to significantly reduce the burden of back and neck pain by providing advice, guidance and information on preventing and managing back pain.