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Humanfactor Seating is a range name within Status Seating, the umbrella sales brand of Atmosphere Contracts and Design Limited of High Wycombe. Status Seating were founded in 1985 and have been supplying the chairs to UK SMEs and Large Enterprises since that time.

We believe attractive and comfortable seating is now mandatory for the wellbeing of staff. All levels of personnel appreciate an employer who cares enough to choose stylish, comfortable office furniture. From the employer’s point of view, an affordable investment in chairs that helps prevent workers from suffering posture-related back pain can equally represent a significant boost to productivity and profit.

Unlike many manufacturers we are able to tailor our products for individual requirements, which is why we can offer seating for the larger, taller or shorter person. We recognise and know that one size may not fit all.

Quality Assurance

Humanfactor still call upon traditional hand skills to make all its chairs. We employ a team of experienced fabric cutters, seamstresses, upholsterers and fitters while also investing in the latest computer-aided cutting and drawstring binding technology. Moreover, we use only top quality components and materials to ensure our chairs will last.

When our name is on a chair and it comes with our guarantee, you can be wholly confident it will provide many years of hard daily service as well as optimum support.

Humanfactor products are currently used in many well-known organisations across the UK including major banks, financial service companies, local and national government offices, emergency service centres, police control rooms and many other private companies.

Extensive product range

Other brands being offered under the Status Seating brand include Malmstolen of Sweden and Ergoeconomix™ from the UK. The company includes Envosort – the specialist mailroom and reprographic office furniture company.

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