Core, Karma and Zen – A Study in Wellbeing

Status has always made entry-level chairs, although they have often been the best-kept secrets.

However, for Status, it’s not enough just to make chairs that sell because they are a cheap price and offer an uneducated ergonomic solution to the uninitiated. Status feels a duty to help to promote the positive study of good seating ergonomics. Good seating ergonomics leads to relaxation, good health, a safe working environment; peace of mind for user and purchaser.

For this reason we decided to create a range of entry-level chairs that were supported by a proven, heavy duty, BS5459-certificated, independent seat and backrest tilt mechanism, gas-lift and base. These are not the cheapest items on the market – but they offer the best sustainable value over a period of time, allowing us to guarantee these models for 5 years.

The mechanism also allows for an amount of adjustable posture choice through the adjustment of the body opening angle and has an excellent track record for service and durability.

The Core, Karma and Zen chairs offer different backrest shapes to match the seats and mechanisms.

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