Therapod Quality


Therapod all started in Melbourne Australia where a physiotherapist and visionary realised the need to develop better seating solutions as customers were spending more time sitting at work and home.  So began the journey to develop a range of world class ergonomic products including the Therapod® system.

The secret

While other chairs try to force the user into correct ergonomic positions, our chairs do the opposite.  Under the zip lies the secret.  Each Therapod® chair comes with the unique patented adjustable, specially tensioned, elastic straps.  Thanks to the elasticity of these straps the backrest naturally starts to form to the user profile whilst the adjustability then allows for the fine tuning.  Each chair can therefore be individually adjusted to fit the users back profile.

The facts

The average office worker will spend over 80,000 hours sitting at a desk.  5 million work days were lost in 2004 due to bad backs costing an estimated £17 billion.

Prevention is better than cure

Some people can even spend as much time in an office chairs as they do in bed.  You wouldn’t compromise your comfort when buying a bed, don’t compromise you comfort when buying a chair.


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