Anthropometric Measurements

What body size are you?  Do the lengths of your limbs or torso influence the adjustability of your chair or workstation?

Anthropometric Measurements   A The widest part of the hips or thighs (width between armrests).
B From the rear of your back to behind the knees when sitting upright (seat depth).
C From the heel to the under side of your thighs (seat height).
D From the base of the thigh to the small of the back (lumbar vertebrae) whilst sitting (lumbar support height).
E From the seat to the top of the shoulders (backrest height).
F From the seat to under your elbow with your arm slightly bent (armrest choice).
G Keyboard or Desk Height (requirement for foot stool or height-adjustable desk).

What weight are you?  This has an influence on the performance specification of the selected chair?

Do you have any specific injuries or medical conditions that affect the way that you sit?

Somatometric Measurements

What body shape are you?  How do your body proportions or body volume displacement affect your interface with your chair?  A = Upper Body Volume, B = Lower Body Volume, C = Proportional Body Volume.

Somatometric Measurements