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Humanfactor Seating is a range name within Status Seating, the umbrella sales brand of Barretts Industries Ltd of High Wycombe. Status Seating were founded in 1985 and have been supplying the System Therapod® chairs into the UK since that time.

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Humanfactor offers industry leading ergonomic seating solutions, an internationally recognised ergonomic brand, a strong design heritage and financial strength. We are looking for business partners who are sales-driven, ready to work with us in developing local markets and servicing UK clients.

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Customer Testimonials

“I would just like to say that I have been using a CPod chair with a headrest for 2 years now due to chronic neck and shoulder pain which had been causing me to miss time at work. Since getting the chair I have not missed a day and have not had a single instance of pain that has later more than a day or two (I used to be debilitated for up to 3 months at a time). I think it is fair to say the chair has changed my life, it is flexible enough to allow me to use it in many positions and maintain absolute support and comfort.”

A GunnSupport Manager, UK Blue Chip

“My posture  has never been good when sat at my desk but this chair really addresses two key issues for me, comfort and support where it is needed most.  As I am quite tall 5’ 10” I need a seat deep enough so that the upper part of my legs are supported just short of the knee and my neck and back too. With being tall the head rests are often around my shoulder blades! The therapod headrest is exactly at the right height.   The chair when you lean back on it,  perhaps to read things on the monitor, eases back and forward with you as if it is part of you and the arm supports also provide the correct support for my arms so that my shoulders don’t ache.”

K Parry

“The chair is fabulous.  I would never have thought that a chair could make so much difference.  The levels of pain and discomfort I experience at work has been vastly reduced.   There has been a corresponding reduction in the amount of medications I need to take on a daily basis to manage pain and this has led to an increase in my ability to concentrate and contribute to the overall efficacy of my team.”

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