Meet Adrian

Status welcomed Adrian Reeve as a Business Development Manager at the beginning of November 2015. Adrian specialises in Workplace Assessments and Ergonomic Equipment/Seating and has a good track record in supporting  Health & Safety, Facilities and Occupational Health Managers.

Since joining Status, Adrian has made a positive contribution, helping our dealers and their customers with their needs, including a lady at a company who struggled to find a comfortable chair to suit all the back issues she was experiencing.  After looking at her current workplace setup, Adrian established that the seat was not close enough to the desk and seemed to be over-reaching for her computer peripherals. Adrian was able to set her up in a Therapod HF5105 which has no arms and allows the user to get closer to the desk. In addition, the straps at the back of the Therapod HF5105 can be adjusted, giving maximum support.

For more information on our services, or an introduction to our popular range of ergonomic seating, Adrian can be contacted by email or phone on 07711002613.