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Working with us



Become a Status dealer

We offer great products, a solid brand platform, and superior service programs to help you achieve your goals. Our attention to customer service extends to all areas of dealer support. We strive to develop the most engaging marketing tools, intuitive ordering processes, as well as offer extensive opportunities for training.

The Status Seating brand is supported in many different ways, including national advertising campaigns and participation in major industry events across the United Kingdom. Our comprehensive web site at statusseating.com is linked to an support page available to all dealers. Further support comes in the form of showroom tools, literature, involvement in local events and co-funded marketing programs, plus special showroom and mock-up terms.

If your dealership is sales-driven and ready to work with us in developing local markets, please get in touch on 01494 686 510.

A diverse network of suppliers

Good relationships are at the heart everything we do. And one critical relationship is the one we share with our suppliers who help us ensure the timely delivery of the highest quality materials and services – as well as for fresh ideas and creative designs. Our suppliers come to us with a rich mix of talent, competence, and commitment. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a diverse pool of suppliers to draw from and are committed to a robust business process that ensures diverse business participation in an open, fair, and inclusive purchasing environment.

To learn more about becoming a supplier, please call David Clark on 01494 686 510