Probax Support



Status are innovative and forward thinking especially when it come to ergonomics and comfort and that is why we are one of the first office seating manufacturers to exclusively offer ProBax® in all our ranges.

ProBax® is a sophisticated foam-based seating solution that delivers ground breaking benefits to the user by subtly and naturally rotating the pelvis and promoting correct posture.

ProBax® alters the body’s posture by realigning the spine and ensuring the weight is borne by the skeletal structure rather than the body’s muscles. The related benefits include:

  • Medically proven increase in blood flow (reducing the risk of DVT)
  • Improved lung function and oxygenation thereby improving concentration
  • Further reduced muscle fatigue, lower back and neck pain
  • Improved posture – allows the chair to take the strain
  • Enhanced comfort the natural way

For more information on Probax® please call 01494 686 510

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