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What makes a seating posture?

Like the human spine, there are 3 components that are critical in sitting. These are:

1.The seat
2.The back
3.The arms

The Seat

When sitting on a chair, the pelvic tilt determines the curve of the spine. The pelvic tilt is described as the tilting movement of the pelvis. The pelvis must be kept in an upright position when sitting to reduce strain on the back.

The Back

The construction of the back support is important. Hard foam particularly when it is not fitted properly against the users back, results in increased discomfort and compensatory muscle action on the large muscles of the back. Soft foam does not provide any support and also has the same effect. Incorporating the right grade of foam that is not too soft and not too firm and ensuring that a back adjustment system using adjustable strapping will eliminates this problem. The Therapod® adjustable strapping system by adjustment changes the curve required for support as well as providing a measured degree of comfort and support to the users requirement. The Therapod® strapping, by its adjustment, also changes the amount of ‘give’ the user feels they need for sitting comfort. The foam and the strapping, therefore, act as the first stage of absorption of dynamic movement.

Dynamic Movement

Dynamic movement refers to the ability of the back of the chair to accommodate for the movement of the person in the chair. This is critical, as all our movements in sitting are dynamic. Even the person who data inputs each day performs dynamic movement. This includes moving position by reaching for things and standing up, etc. Therefore, dynamic movement is critical in chairs.

The Arms

Arms in chairs have been a contentious issue for years. Fortunately technological developments in arm design has been rapid. It has always been upheld that arms are in the way of computer operation. This is far from being true with new arm designs and the variety of options available. They are to keep our posture upright and supported. It keeps our shoulders relaxed and supported.


We now have the ideal model for choosing the right chair. Its ideal constitution should

1. Correct seat depth
2. Correct seat construction
3. Correct seat mechanism – dynamic tilt movement
4. Correct back construction – adjustable and dynamic back system.
5. Correct arm selection

The Therapod® Chair fulfils all these requirements with options available. Call 01494 686 549 for more information