Status Announces New Model Ranges in 2015

Status will be introducing some exciting new chair ranges, and some innovations on existing models, into its product portfolio during Quarter 1 of 2015.

A new brochure will outline the new chair ranges and will be supplemented by a single price list for all current models. These items will be available in hard copy from your Status sales representative, or by file download from our new website pages, from early in January 2015. Check out the changes to in the New Year.

Chairs and related model codes not featured in the new pricelist should be considered as being obsolescent from February 2015. We will work with you to establish the nearest replacement alternative chair for older versions of our models, and to understand our new model codes.

Status have not had a price review since 2011 but, like everyone else, the company has been hit by rising material costs as the country emerges from recession. It is now necessary for us to review our retail prices for existing ranges with effect from January 19th 2015. An increase of 3%-5% for the popular Humanfactor chairs that include Therapod™ or Cpod® backrest systems is typical, but the actual increase depends upon the model options selected. Status will be happy to talk with you one-to-one on any specific framework contract issues that might give you concern after the price review takes effect.

Status would like to keep you updated on progress with regular e-shots to remind you of launches, prices and company information as the year develops. We hope that you will be happy for us to do this. You are already on our list, but please let us know if you have colleagues that should also be added to our e-distribution.