Status Marketing Support

Just so that we are all singing off the same hymn sheet, you might need to ensure that you have hard copies or access to all of the available Status marketing materials.

Posture Dynamic Seating is a brochure that shows our entire current range of chairs. This is supported by a January 2015 price list. You can download copies of these from the Status website although access to the Price list is password-protected (the password is HighWycombe). We also have hard copies of these brochures that you might wish to use as “leave-behinds”.

Another brochure – “taking a closer look at Ergonomic Seating” – introduces some of the background to the Humanfactor range of seating that includes chairs with the patented Therapod™ and Cpod® backrest systems.

To support these brochures there are down-loadable specification sheets for each model based on the pages in the Posture Dynamic Seating brochure, and Data Sheets available through the Humanfactor website section offer explanations of the Therapod™ and Cpod® backrest systems, the Status Model Codex and our Body Assessment Form.

Much of the content and images from the brochures features on the website, and all updated images are available from our Dropbox folder that you can register to access via the website link. You can also have these burned onto a DVD if you wish.

Coming soon on the website will be revised copies of Operating Instructions, news and blog items.

If there’s anything else you need, or think that we should make available, please let us know.

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