Status Model Codex

It’s been over two years now since we first introduced the Status Model Codex for models in the Humanfactor range. This was also extended into our other chair ranges when we issued our latest price list in January 2015.

The principle is that the model number consists of a two-letter prefix, with four digits describing the basics of the chair – backrest size, mechanism type, armrests, seat size – with additional options added on with a forward-slash and a code.

For example, an HF5143/HR breaks down as

HF5 Standard Therapod™ Backrest

1 Independent Seat and Backrest Tilt Mechanism

4-dimensional (height, depth, width and rotate) adjustable armrests

Shorter depth seat size

/HR Height- and Reach- adjustable headrest

By using this system it is possible to tell exactly which specification has been intended, from the customer’s order all the way through production and on to invoicing.

A data sheet is available on the website which describes how this system works for the Humanfactor range, and the system is also used in the Price List 2015.