About Status

At Status, we design and manufacture seating and related furniture for all aspects of our working lives.

We provide seating and furniture solutions through a strong dealership network. Our chairs can be found in many industries, from corporate business environments to pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing to laboratory, hospital and other healthcare establishments and also educational, industrial and retail environments.

Our business started by specialising in ergonomic seating but has evolved into areas of office and ergonomic seating and we are continually expanding our product ranges to suit the needs of our customers. We utiilise our experience of particularly demanding technical environments to offer our customers the best products in terms of smart design, functionality, quality and value.

We give paramount importance to customer service and support for our distributors and are committed to providing professional advice and services to ensure that the requirements of our your customers are met.

Quality Assurance

Our continuous aim is to maintain a high level of integrity from our commitment to quality and environmental protection at every stage of the supply process. This is evidenced by our ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditations.

Status calls upon traditional hand skills to make its chairs. We employ a team of experienced fabric cutters, seamstresses, upholsterers and assemblers whilst also maintaining investment in computer-aided cutting and upholstery technology. We use only top quality components and materials to ensure that our chairs will last.

Status products are currently used in many blue-chip organisations across the UK, including major banks, financial service companies, local and national government offices, emergency service control rooms, along with many other private companies.

UK Manufacturing

To meet customer expectations Status seeks to source the best value components and materials, but uses UK-based original manufacturers whenever possible. This policy ensures a close relationship with the supply chain and reduces environmental impacts from logistics excess. Many of the parts we use are unique to Status.

In addition, our upholstery and assembly processes require the application of multiple skills and techniques, many of which are unique and have been developed by our own technicians and engineers.

Assembled in Great Britain

Product Warranty

All products on our website and within this brochure carry a limited warranty that is dependent on the product selected, product use and fabric selection. Our standard warranty covers the replacement of parts for chairs returned to us for a period of five years from manufacture, based on standard office use (up to 40 hours per week) and inclusive of fabric, but subject to the caveats of wear and tear and inappropriate use
or abuse.

There is a reduced limited warranty of three years for chairs in a three-shift or 24/7 work pattern, or for continuous users greater than 120kg for the standard Status products.

However, Humanfactor chairs are designed to be suitable for users up to 150kg and for three-shift or 24/7 work environments. Provided that the appropriate fabric has been selected for 24/7 use then the standard warranty will apply.

For Humanfactor chairs supplied to individuals up to 120kg with a standard (40 hours per week) work pattern, the limited warranty can be extended to ten years.

For Humanfactor chairs supplied to individuals between 120kg and 150kg with a standard (40 hours per week) work pattern, the limited warranty remains at five years.

There are many examples of Status chairs remaining in good order and function for 15 years or more.
Further information on our Product Warranty is available on request or on our website.


Our environmental policy is based on the simple mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s not just about covering up the large carbon
foot prints; it’s about reducing them. We have already reduced our environmental impact by using a three stage chrome effect powder coat finish as opposed to chromium plating and also using water based adhesive to eliminate solvent emissions.