HF4 Chair with Cpod® Backrest

A high end ergonomic office chair designed to provide the best possible extended seating comfort and support.

The HF 4 Chair containing the Cpod® backrest system uses elastomer (elastic) mesh in combination with its patented back adjustment system to provide self-adjusting resistance that results in the optimal comfort and support that is unlike any other chair in the world.
Designed and engineered to allow the appropriate amount of flex without sacrificing support, intelligent detailing of the frame shape and profile along with rigorous material testing and selection has created a truly 3 dimensional dynamic movement system.

The interchangeable disc system has 3 semi-rigid pivot points between the chair frame and the chair spine. This allows for additional kinetic flexion in the backrest when a user twists or reaches.

Engineered to support
System Cpod® is a backrest system that has been set scientifically to a level of ideal spinal support. As the user moves in the chair or changes position, resistance through the hybrid of elastomer mesh and patented back adjustment changes to provide increased or decreased support. This eliminates the need for constant back support adjustments.

This patented hybrid technology gives the Cpod® backrest the unique feature of being the only “Sit and Use” Back Support system in the world. Whilst the “Sit and Use” feature provides support necessary for most users, some fine tuning may be done by using the in-built ratchet adjustment system. You should consider using the adjustment system only once and leave it set in the desired position.

At the heart of every Cpod® Backrest System
Cpod® backrest adjustment offers a combination of positions to fine tune your comfort and support should you need to do so. This adjustment takes place in 5 key zones of the back. In addition, the position of the 5 zones can be changed by moving the frame of the back up or down using the back height adjustment system. The combination of these adjustment features provides precise support from the sacral area (below the belt line) right to the upper thoracic (shoulder) area.

Support at the sacral area is vital in supporting the natural forward tilt of the pelvis. This support translates in aligning the spine and preventing slumping. Unlike other sacral support systems and pads in chairs that fill the void between the lower back and the seat of the chair, the System Cpod® support is unique as it provides support to fit each unique shape and offers the right amount of support as required.

Patented Mesh
The mesh that is used on the Cpod® backrest is a knitted elastomer mesh. It is softer and has elastic properties unlike the more popular woven mesh used in other types of mesh chairs. The knitted mesh provides a level of comfort and support comparable if not better than fabric with the added benefits of ventilation.

Dynamic movement
An adjustable disc system similar to the spinal disc has been incorporated into the chair design to allow 3 dimensional movements with the user.

The dynamic disc system is located between the frame of the chair and its central reverse Y fork. This allows for low resistance movement for turning at the shoulder where 1 disc is located and increased resistance at the lumbar sacral region where there are 2 discs. The increased resistance at the lumbar sacral region is to prevent back injuries as a result of twisting motions. If there is a need for reduced movement in the back, this can be achieved by simply tightening the assembly where the discs are located. This unique system works without the user knowing the chair is adjusting itself automatically to body movements.

All 40+ components that constitute the Cpod® backrest are fully recyclable and meet the highest standards for environmental sustainability. Recycled components have been used in plastics up to the maximum limit which will not affect the strength of the chair.

The choice of plastics has been limited to those that produce no adverse environmental effects.

Plastics with low or no emissions have been used to ensure environmental and personal health best practice. The Cpod® System uses environmentally friendly solutions that don’t use toxic paints and colouring agents and yet produce aesthetic appeal.

An HF4 specification sheet can be downloaded from here

The Kurum chair also uses the Cpod® backrest system and a Kurum specification sheet can be downloaded from here