Cpod-Side-On-(headrest)The Cpod® backrest system has crept into the market, but is finally being recognised as an exciting new way to assist individuals with sensitive back complaints, and specifically with lower back injuries, pains or sciatica. The more that it is exposed to the market the greater the number of enquiries (and orders) that we receive. So what is it about the Cpod® backrest system that makes it so different and original?

Firstly, it’s an interesting combination of shapes – a little alien to some sensitivities, a magnet to others – the mesh backrest with supporting straps is transparent in both form and function; it is immediately evident that the straps are there for a purpose. But it’s when a chair with this backrest is seen from the rear, or even more so from a profile view, that the backrest imposes itself visually.

The Cpod® backrest consists of a stretched woven mesh that has proven to be suitable in 24/7 situations and for persons weighing in excess of 150kg, but by its inherent nature it also offers a degree of stretch that embraces the body mass as you sit back into the chair.

Cpod-Web-SmallStretched across the carbon fibre frame are 5 lateral support straps positioned adjacent to the likely position of the sacral, lower lumbar, upper lumbar, lower thoracic and upper thoracic areas of the spinal vertebrae. The straps bolster the back support at each of the locations and help to ensure a good posture whilst simultaneously stretching to match your body shape.

Whilst you relax and luxuriate in the nature and quality of support that the backrest is affording you there is always time to reflect on the other features of this award-winning design:

  • At each location the straps can be strengthened or released to increase the tension of the body support. Without any additional torsion the mesh backrest can feel quite loose, but by simply lifting and releasing the patented ratchet torsion levers on the right hand side of the backrest it is possible to personalise the backrest to the user. A firmer lumbar but slack sacral support is often the combination of choice for those with lower lumbar or sacral pain. A quick-release button allows the ratchet to be released.
  • Imprinted in the frame are the letters A to E from top to bottom to indicate the location of each ratchet and these positions are similarly indicated in braille.
  • A specific multi-adjustable Cpod® padded headrest is available as an option.
  • If the user moves their back laterally – from side to side – the point of weight absorption changes across the backrest in all 5 of the straps in accordance with the type of movement. To help stimulate this dorso-kinetic movement of the backrest, it is held in pace by three rubber joints.
  • This type of sitting support is very comfortable, promotes good movement and weight absorption for the spinal column – nourishing discs and allowing blood flow to the back muscles, providing muscle relaxation and energy renewal.

For more about the Humanfactor and Kurum chairs that contain the Cpod® backrest system please contact your local sales representative, or Status Customer Services on 01494 768870, or via e-mail on info@statusseating.co.uk